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Queen Of Everything
Hey besties!

My name is Abbey and I'm a current PikaCity Admin :)
I've been with PikaCity on and off since early 2015, staffing on and off during that time as well. My current staff run started in February of 2021. I've been here consistently since then and I hope to stick around for quite some time yet. I'm a current college Freshman studying IT, so it's a given that I like computers and games. I'm also a big animal lover and will hopefully get back into streaming whenever I have the free time.

You're always welcome to shoot me a message on Discord if you need anything as well.
Hope to see you around <3
- Abbey

Discord: abbey!#0001
IGN: Abbadger
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Whats your faviorite animal?
imo i think bears are fun to hug dont you agree?
nice to meet you person ive nevr talked to before
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