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  • AWAKEEEE! Idk what i'm gonna do today. I'm sorting my inventory atm and cleanin everything up, might actually start building the little armory shop thingy next to my forge, and then get started on the cafe.
    Good morning floofs. I did indeed call off Thursday and take a mental health break for myself...i came back to work and everyone thought i apparently needed bereavement time??? Doin me a confusion
    Morninggg x.x i do not want to be awake, i want to call off work today and sleep in. They keep scheduling me for 1-10pm shifts and it make sadded.
    You ever just look up when building a platform and are greeted with the butt of a giant boss Abomasnow? Me too. I have Abomasite now owowowo
    Rippin up an ice plains in resourceworld for dirt for a platform in cold taiga, zzz. Seeing Greedents...do i wanna hunt for those too?
    GOOD MORNING! I'm gonna catch Shroomish because yes, while also runnin around a taiga in search of the ever elusive hisuain zorua
    Welcome to the first and last episode of Asphy's Great Advice. On today's episode, i'll be helping you with finding a good workplace so you can earn some sweet sweet adult money.

    My tip? Don't work at Walmart. That's it. Don't, no matter what anyone tells you. Treat it like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named from Harry Potter.

    This has been the season finale of Asphy's Great Advice, thank you for tuning in.
    I'm clearing trees for charcoal because i'm weird, dug up some dirt to restock my dirt chest, and am catching a bunch of Seel and Deerling and a few other mons to maybe possibly try breeding for BP or even get a HA. Disclaimer, yerboi has no idea how to breed, all of this is trial and error, and i lack braincells.
    New day, new...something! Got 4hrs or so to kill before i have to work, and i have no idea what i'm gonna do. Gonna run around and murder stuff to fill my Articuno orb while i figure that out.
    Stone smelted!
    Starting bal: 2,088,393.02
    Full inv of cracked stone bricks is sold for: 6,912.00
    End bal: 2,126,409.20

    That...was not worth it at all.
    For the past few days of me playing Pixelmon, i have been very productive. Productive doing what, you may ask? Smelting stone. I have 3 PVs full of cracked stone bricks because i'm gonna sell them and see how much money i get. Will keep updated. In other non-stone news, i bought a shiny Rookidee for 30k, but could not get the final shiny Absol i'm missing for a full team ;-;
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