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Applying for Staff? Read me first!

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Network Manager
Hey, so you are interested in applying for staff on AnubisMC? Great, we'd love to have you! But first there are a few things you should consider before applying for staff to make sure you'd be a good fit and to make sure you are certain on applying.

Basic Staff Requirements:
- Above the age of 14.
- 2 Days current playtime.
- Over 2 weeks since your first join date.
- Word requirements on questions.
- Cannot be staff elsewhere
- Can dedicate time to the network each week.

During my extensive time on a variety of Minecraft networks, I've seen a lot of staff applications. Some of them have been great, some average, some poor and some disasters. We've accepted some of the average applications whilst rejecting the amazing applications because being part of a staff team isn't just about answering the questions and writing well, it isn't about meeting simple requirements we've put on the applications page, nor is it even about being friendly to other staff.

Being part of the staff team, is simply about who YOU are, both as a player and as a person. It's about being dedicated to helping others, bettering a community, running projects and most importantly making sure the server runs smoothly and that it remains fun for everyone. As much as we pride ourselves on having a great staff team, where we try to make it as fun and enjoyable for our staff as possible it isn't always fun and games. You will need to dedicate time (and a lot of it at that) towards others, and you cannot always expect a lot of gratitude from players for that. This is what applying for staff entails, this is what YOU are applying for. You will also need a lot of self control and patience, you'll have to deal with players pushing the rules and boundaries as well as rule breakers on a daily basis. You aren't just expect to shrug them off or blow them away even if you would love to, you need to handle it professionally and patiently. We ask this of you because it reflects negatively on both the network and more importantly you as it would degrade the integrity of the network as well as you as a person.

The purpose of this is to say that if you want to be accepted as a staff member, you need to be staff material. This is something you need to prove to us, not by writing an amazing application that far exceeds our requirements but by showing maturity and the qualities we look for. Maturity is a major quality if you want to have responsibility, if you aren't interested in being mature or having responsibility then staffing isn't for you. If you don't feel you could handle an application then you aren't fit to be staff because being staff isn't about everything being easy and perfect. Overcoming disappointment and going through an introspection process is a great way to show maturity and grow as a person.

So to conclude, if you are interested in applying for staff, please first ask yourself these few simple questions:
- Do I get angry easily?
- Do I let disappointment bring me down immediately?
- Do I want to be a star of the server?
- Do I enjoy playing on the server more than helping others?
- Do I let personal issues interfere with my thinking?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, you probably want to reconsider applying for staff. You'll still be a part of our wonderful community and after all we wouldn't have a purpose without the masses of regular players who join the network to say hi and play each day.
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