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Oasis Gym Rules

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Oasis Gym Rules

Rules apply to both Gym Leaders & Challengers unless stated otherwise.

General Gym Rules:
• Always follow /rules.
• Gyms will be 6v6 and 3v3 Singles.
• Your Pokémon must be level 50 or under to challenge the 3v3 gyms
• You may challenge the gyms in any order.
• Players and leaders are not allowed to discuss gym teams or strategies to be used against the gyms. (This includes Pokémon & move sets.)
• The following are banned:
◦ Zamazenta, in addition to those banned in the Nat Dex SV meta (https://www.smogon.com/dex/sv/formats/national-dex/)
◦ Magearna and Shaymin-Sky are unbanned​
Abilities: Arena Trap, Moody, Power Construct, Shadow Tag​
Moves: Scale Shot, Doube Iron Bash, Z-Status Moves (Z-Hypnosis, Toxic, etc.)​
Items: Weakness Policy, Enigma Berry, King's Rock, Razor Claw​
• Only one Pokémon on your team may know the moves Shell Smash and/or Destiny Bond.
• You cannot use the following items; Weakness Policy, Enigma Berry, King's Rock, or Razor Claw
• You must use the following clauses: Bag, Baton Pass, Dynamax, Endless Battle, Evasion, Moody, OHKO, Sleep, Species
Do not heal if the challenger/leader has disconnected for under a minute or a wait glitch occurs
• Ghosting (helping another player in their gym battle) is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

Challenger Exclusive Rules:

• You must always throw out your Pokémon before the leader.
• You must always start with the Pokémon you throw out.
• You may not borrow Pokémon from other players in order to challenge gyms, they must be your own Pokémon that you have trained with your own ideas.
• If you’ve purchased a Pokémon in a trade, you may still challenge a gym as long as it follows the previous rules. (For example, if you’re using the same team & strategy that a Gym Leader lost to the previous day, they may see fit to disqualify you - Gym Leaders may still disqualify you if they feel you’re using a Pokémon/team that’s not yours).
• Pokémon must be fully healed before each battle.

Gym Team Budgets
• When applying, each applicant has the chance to use a team budget. This is a budget for Spawning Pokemon for your gym team. If you spend the budget on 4 Pokemon, you must get the other 2 Pokemon yourself. This means you can use your budget heavily on a few Pokemon if you're aiming to get some of the team yourself or if you already have suitable Gym Pokemon.
• The Budget of every gym is $1,250,000. To see the budgeting of each Pokemon, visit the budgeting sheet at: https://bit.ly/OasisGymBudget
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